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Verification of Identity Agency Solutions

We will guide your clients through the VOI process and witness their execution of conveyancing documents

  • We minimise disruption to your client by going to them at their suitable place and time
  • We understand the urgency of this obligation and provide a fast turn around time
  • We guide your client through the process including a discussion regarding what is required and where to obtain originals or translations, including assistance where required
  • We witness your clients execution of the purchaser declaration form, client authorisation form and any other conveyancing form they need to complete

  1. Same Day Service
    We are conveyancing professionals and know the pace that our industry moves at so we offer a same day service
  2. Recoverable Disbursement
    VOI is tedious. Outsourcing enables ensures rigid compliance of a disbursement which your client pays at verification
  3. No Commitment
    We know you won't always need us so we accept one off casual and regular bookings.
  4. No Upfront Requirements
    We know you need less fuss so we don't require pre-registration to use our service.
On 1 May 2016, the NSW Conveyancing Rules (“CR”) came into force pursuant to Section 12E of the Real Property Act 1900. Prior to this, Model Participation Rules (“MPR”) were already in force pursuant to Section 23 of the Electronic Conveyancing National Law (NSW), however, they did not impact conveyancing professionals until PEXA’s stage 2 release in late 2014.
Identity of Client must be verified
A keystone of both rules is the requirement to verify the identity (VOI) of certain persons. CR No. 4.1.2 and MPR No. 6.5.1 requires reasonable steps be taken by you to verify your Client and/or your Client’s Agent before undertaking a transaction or providing a certificate of title to a Client or, where your Client is a mortgagee, the mortgagor, former mortgagee or their agent.
Who can verify the identity of a Client or Mortgagor?
CR No. 4.1.3 and MPR No. 6.5.5. specifies that a VOI can be undertaken by either your firm or if the Verification of Identity Standard is used, an Identity Agent.
What is the Verification of Identity Standard?
The standard is described in Schedule 8 of the MPR which sets out the types of acceptable documentation and method of verifying such documentation and persons.
What is the definition of Identity Agent?
CR No. 2.1.2 and MPR 2.1.2 both define Identity Agent as a Person who is your agent, who you reasonably believe is reputable, competent and insured in compliance with Insurance Rule 2 (CR & MPR Schedule 6) and who is authorised by you to conduct VOI on your behalf in accordance with the Verification of Identity Standard.
CR & MPR Schedule 6, Rule 4.1(b) provides that where a Licensed Conveyancer holds or is covered by professional indemnity insurance and fidelity insurance they are deemed to comply with the Insurance Rules. Coast Conveyancing staff are both licensed and insured Conveyancers.
During her tenure as conveyancing manager, the owner of Coast Conveyancing implemented compulsory VOI of all clients immediately upon the release of the MPR in late 2014, considering VOI of all clients, irrespective of whether their matter was manual or electronic, a fundamental risk management tool. Since this time, the Owners has undertaken hundreds of VOI, including verifications where Identity Declarations were required.
Being Justices of the Peace enable us to offer the additional service of being able to witness the execution of an Identity Declarations by a prescribed declarant.  
How we will verify the identity of your Client.
As required by Rule 4.2, we will ask you to sign our booking confirmation which incorporates a direction to use the Verification of Identity Standard as set out in Schedule 8. Once returned, we will contact your client to arrange a date, time and place.
Once we have carried out a verification of your client’s identity we will provide you with a secured electronic copy of all documents produced, a photograph of your client, a signed declaration by your client, and a signed identity agent certificate.
Right to Deal
We will not be responsible for ascertaining your clients right to deal, however, we will report any concerns to you about whether your client displays behaviours not consistent with those expected in such circumstances, inter alia aggression, confusion, hesitation, immaturity, unwillingness or urgency indicating possible age incapacity, bankruptcy / insolvency, duress, fraud, intoxication, mental incapacity, undue influence.
Unless required to verify your client's identity, we will not request nor review documentation to support your clients interest right or capacity, inter alia bankruptcy or insolvency, caveats, consent or binding financial orders, director, trustee, delegated and statutory capacity, incorporation and business registrations, life estates, mortgages, probate or power of attorney documents, SMSF, trusts​​

All of our VOI services include:
Liaising with your client regarding required documentation
Attending your client's nominated address
Verifying your client's identification
Obtaining your client's executive of compulsory conveyancing forms
Providing a secure electronic VOI report to you and
Forwarding all documents to you by DX or ordinary mail
  1. 1
    Within Central Coast
    First person

    $50.00 per person

  2. 1
    Within Central Coast
    Subsequent people

    $25.00 per person

  3. 3
    Within Lake Macquarie
    First person

    $75.00 per person

  4. 4
    Within Lake Macquarie
    Subsequent people

    $25.00 per person


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